Synplant: Let’s “grow” some sounds….

CDM featured a mention of Sonic Charge’s new generative softsynth Synplant. It has a very different sort of interface:

This will take some getting used to....

This will take some getting used to....

Peter Kirn over at CDM has been working with it and says the sound demos on the site “don’t do the product justice.” They do sound a mite “conventional” to my ears given the promise of the approach, but choosing sound demos for a product is tricky business…you don’t want to be too far out yet you want to give a feeling for the possibilities within the product.

There is a 3 week demo available from Sonic Charge’s site. The demo policy is pretty cool:

“For evaluation purposes you are allowed to try Synplant for up to three weeks with full functionality. The trial begins the first time you open Synplant in your host sequencer. Synplant then only subtracts weeks from the trial time when you actually use it.

I am interpreting that last sentence to mean that you get 3 weeks of time using the plug-in as opposed to just three weeks of time from first launch. That is fairly cool (and very generous) if I am interpreting it correctly. I wish more developers would give you a certain amount of time of use of the plugin as opposed to a “clock” that runs continuously.

I downloaded the demo and will report back later.


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