Streetwise Opera’s My Secret Heart (by way of CDM)

This is just a very quick post as I am rather pressed for time this morning. This came to my attention via Peter Kirn’s excellent site Create Digital Motion. I think Peter hits it bang on in his opening paragraph:

Perhaps it’s the church setting for the installation, or the strains of 17th-Century choral composition by Allegri. But Streetwise Opera’s My Secret Heart, binding together reactive visuals and post-Minimalist musical strains, has the feeling of a 21st Century passion play, a digital devotional piece.

Here is an excerpt. (The small size does not do it justice. You might want to go directly to Vimeo to check it out.)

I strongly encourage you to check out Peter’s site for more details then head over to Streetwise Opera’s site for even more info.


Details on and links on My Secret Heart at CDM are available here.

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